Saturday, June 30, 2012

An Unplanned Long Run

With marathon training about to start again Saturdays mean long runs. I had every expectation that I would do this morning's run in Stowe, Vermont. I was supposed to fly to Burlington last night for a visit to my Aunt and Uncle who recently relocated to the Green Mountain State. Unfortunately fate the airline had a different idea.

Long story short: I woke up this morning in Arlington, Virginia (for those readers unfamiliar with NoVa, Arlington is right next to DC). Thankfully, I used to live in DC so I know the area well. What did I do? I called my DC-area running buddy Brian.

We met this morning for and early long run to try and beat the heat (ha!). We ran along the Mt. Vernon trail from Crystal City to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge in Alexandria, over the bridge into Maryland (you know I love bridges) and back.

Because of the heat we took it slow but it was a great run! It definitely helped make the best of a bad situation. Now if I can only make to Vermont tonight...

P.S. Sorry about any typos--I'm posting from the airport on my phone.

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