Friday, December 7, 2012

What's the Deal?

Remember how last Friday I posted some amazing mediocre haikus and promised you I'd returned to the blosophere? Remember how I haven't posted since then? Oops!

Here's the deal: I've been enjoying this post-marathon period--sleeping in until 6am on weekdays, not worrying about mileage, staying out with friends on weeknights as well as weekends. I've even tried out a few new recipes in there--vegan butternut squash and kale lasagna, blueberry coconut oatmeal, and some decidedly un-vegan monkey bread--but haven't remembered to take photos.

Basically, I've been having a great time but have mostly been living the life of the non-runner and non-blogger. I've got Boston in the spring and my training for that will begin in a couple weeks. Once that starts, I plan to get back into my routine and my usual amount of posting.

Until then, I hope to find time for the occasional post, but expect a low volume for December.


  1. Glad to hear you are enjoying the low-key post marathon season...with an occasional track workout! I like the opportunity to be lazy too. :-)