Friday, April 12, 2013

Ready to Wing It

Note: With Boston only days away (3 to be precise), I'm going to be doing a countdown to Boston series as I did last year. In the final days of the taper, it's hard to get my brain to focus on much other than the upcoming race, but with plenty of Boston-related topics, hopefully I can at least keep the blog interesting.

It's finally here, Boston Maraton weekend. Just three short days and a drive to Boston stand between me and the race. I'll be driving up tomorrow morning and hitting the expo in the early afternoon. My whole weekend's pretty much planned out--dinner reservations made for Saturday and Sunday and tickets purchased for Sunday's Sox game. The only thing that's not planned out? Monday's race.

I did an easy run today and thankfully the toe didn't seem to bother me (though it did get kind of bloody). Unfortunately, I'm still having some issues with my left hip. I have no idea how this is going to affect me during the race, especially during the latter miles, so I'm just going to have to wing it.

Despite a pretty successful training cycle, I really don't konw what's in the cards for this race. Maybe my hip will cooperate and I'll be able to run and intelligent race for a Boston PR. Maybe it's blow up half-way through and I'll end up limping to the finish for a personal worst. I don't actually care--either way, on Monday I get to run the Boston Marathon. I couldn't be happier!

While you wait with bated breath to learn my fate, enjoy a special Friday haiku:

Fenway early game
Drunk Bay Staters in the streets
Boston marathon


  1. David,
    Thinking of you and hoping you are safe.