Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I'm Still Here!

Things haven't been too eventful around here running-wise. I've still been getting in my runs, but since I'm still in taper mode there's nothing too exciting to report.

I'm getting excited for Philly but I'm also a bit nervous. With the exception of last year's Chicago, I've never run a marathon whose course I wasn't familiar with before hand. I've also never had a five-week "super-taper" before.

Somehow I've also felt really tired the last week or so. It's as if my body thinks I already ran a race and should be in recovery mode. Hopefully, as the week goes on I'll snap out of it and dust of some cobwebs, but if not, that's okay.

I'm going into this race with different expectations than I would have gone into New York. My goals are less time goals than they are experience goals.

Goal #1: Finish.  
That better not be setting the bar too high.

Goal #2: Have a great time.  
I'm pretty excited about seeing more of Philly and I want to make sure I enjoy myself out there.

Goal #3: Make the Home Team and Covenant House proud.  
I've never run for a charity before but knowing that I'm running for others takes a little of the pressure off because even if I don't PR, the race will still have meant something.

Goal #4: My A, B, and C time goals which you'll just have to wait to hear about later.

P.S. Thanks so much to all the friends and family who've helped with my fundraising so far! Including offline donations I've hit $700 so far so only $300 to go!


  1. That's awesome you've hit $700 already. I've been tired, too. It's weird, but I think (hope!)that come race day we'll snap out of it.

  2. ha ha about goal #1 - i'm pretty sure you have that covered!

    it's a great course - a little lonely on the out and back on kelly drive (especially from mile 23 onward) but fairly flat and not too many turns. the portion of the course going through manayunk (miles 20-21) is really fun!

    good luck!