Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Little Toilet Humor

With the Boston Marathon just over three weeks away, I made my annual sojurn to the Bay State for a final long run on the course this past weekend. As they have for the past five years, the folks at Saucony were kind enough to sponsor a porta potty along Comm Ave in Newton (right near Heartbrake Hill).

Phote from twitter user darrenrovell
I definitely remember taking advantage of their facility last year but I don't remember much else about it (probably a good sign, since one doesn't usually want to remember an indvidual potty break). This year, however, Saucony seems to have stepped up their game. Not only did they have a great slogan on the outsite of their plastic john, but they had a whole list of "dropped" slogans inside.

I wish I could remember them all, but here are a few I do that made me laugh my @$$ off:

Hope it's not another zero drop!

Bet you wish you weren't a barefoot runner now!

They don't call it 'Fartbreak Hill.'

If you're out on the course the next two weekends, do yourself a favor: even if you don't have to go, make a pit stop at the Saucony porta potty. That toilet humor should give you enough chuckles to help get you through the final 7 miles.


  1. Haha!! I didn't notice that porta potty and hopefully won't be needing it during the race! My favorite sign was the 10 miles to taperland :) Hope you had a good run!

    1. I saw that sign too, but it was too early for those of us running to the finish line. I thought to myself, "I wish!"

  2. Someone needs to get me a picture of that!!!