Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday--Bad Haikus

Spring is finally here in New York and I'm slowly coming out of hibernation. Does that mean I didn't run all winter? Of course not! But it does mean my fingers were too cold to type and my brain was too cold to think creatively. Thankfully, it's warm enough to at least allow me to type--no guarantees my brain has thawed yet. In the spirit of spring, here are some Friday haikus for you. Enjoy!

Early Spring Afternoon, Central Park by Willard Metcalf

Running Nutrition
Chocolate, mocha
Sounds like a delicious treat
Too bad it's just Gu

Nature Calls
Really got to go
Public bathrooms still all locked
Look I found a tree!

The First Week of the Taper
Sixty done this week
Thought my taper had begun
Fewer miles my @$$!

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