Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Haikus: Random Thoughts

I'm slowly easing back into running after three weeks of PT and things are really looking up. After some seriously crappy weather earlier this week and a minor cold, the sun is out today and I can almoste breathe through my nose again. In other words, it's hard not to love the world on a day like today. Hopefully this week's haikus put a smile on your face at least half as big as the one on mine!

How to Avoid Traffic
Buses halting, slow
Subway crowded, misses sun
Run to work commute

That Weird Time After the Marathon
Sleeping in, no alarm
Drinking daily, staying up late
This sucks--running missed

The Traveling Runner's Conundrum
Suitcase almost full
Shoes, socks, shorts, two wicking tops
Where to put my "clothes"?


  1. You should submit some of the running ones to Charla is a friend of mine and she would love them!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I might just have to do that.