Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Back in the Saddle

Hello out there in the blogosphere! I'm sure my two or three readers have been wondering what happend to me (or maybe you've moved on to better blogs?)...

Well, since my last post I have participated* in two races:

1) I had the chance to pace some teammates to sub-1:29 PRs in the Brooklyn Half. The weather was surprisingly good for running--with coolish temps and overcast skies--but poor for a post-race day on the Coney Island boardwalk. Naturally I made up for this fact with a bottomless mimosa brunch. 

2) I ran the AHA Wall Street Run, mainly because the course goes right by my office and it would have been silly not to have done a convenient race that supports such a good cause as one of my 9+1 for next year's marathon.

I've also signed up for several races (as indicated on the right side of my blog). These include the BAA 10k in Boston in June, the Houston Half in January, and this year's New York City Marathon.

Perhaps more importantly than all of the above, however, is the fact that I've started training again. For the past two months I've been taking things easy while I continue with PT. This didn't mean I wasn't running--it just meant that every run was done at a moderate pace. My hip is bothering me less and less so last night I did my first real workout and...the hip didn't hurt!

I'm going to be careful about easing back into training but for now I feel extremely fortunate to say that I'm back in the saddle! Although training for Chicago should theoretically start next week, I'm going to concentrate on shorter speedwork training for several weeks before moving into marathon mode. With a handful of NYRR races coming up this summer, I want to put some pep in my step before I start sapping it with long marathon pace runs.

All that is to say, if you see someone trying to do speedwork along the Hudson River and you think it's me, you might not be halucinating.

*Saying I raced  them would be a big stretch.

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  1. Great to have you back (here and running)!
    You should consider the Pittsburgh Marathon as a future race. :)

    And thanks for the link love!