Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Haikus: Look What the Whippets Drag'd In Edition

Here it is again, Friday! I had every intention of doing some posts this week, especially after a very successful Saturday of cheering for the women running for the Whippets in the Mini, but somehow the week slipped away from me. The women did a great job and so did the cheerers! This weekend it's the guys turn to run in the Portugal Day 5 Miler while the women cheer us. Since this is my first real race back I'll be interested to see how I do though I'm not expected a whole lot.

Enough about me, it's time for some Friday haikus!

This photo came from May Wittenberg's Twitter!!!
Whippets Mini Cheer Squad
Tall women, what the--!
Those aren't ladies, too much hair
Must be men in drag

Rainy Day Motivation
Pouring rain outside
Solo I would stay indoors
Run with friends, get soaked

Decisions, Decisions
Red, yellow, green, blue--
Too many Gatorade types
I'll just drink water

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