Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Haikus

Ah, Friday! It's easily my favorite day of the week. Why? Because you have the weekend just hours away, with all it's promises of greatness. This week I've got a race on Saturday so that means no shenanigans tonight (though, let's be honest: with my long runs on Saturday mornings, Fridays are usually pretty tame). Regardless of how things actually turn out on Saturday and Sunday, they look great from Friday.

You've got a pretty good reason to love Friday too; Fridays mean haikus. You're welcome.

In Need of Refreshment
All the gatorade
Thirsty! Give it to me! And
No one will get hurt

Oh, You're Still Here
Black toenail lingers
Months it's been there on my foot
Barefoot minutes; it's gone

The Midrun Runs
Should not have eaten
Salad for lunch--big mistake
Midrun bathroom break!

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