Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Haikus: Endless Winter

After a long final week of training before my Boston taper starts next week, it's Friday! This weekend I'm traveling to Boston with a couple teammates so that we can do our final long run on the course. I've made this trek four of the last six years and have generally had pretty good weather for it. In fact, in 2012, I remember wearing shorts to dinner the night before my run because it was so nice out. Of course, we remember how that heat wave played out on race day...

Given the winter we've had, perhaps I shouldn't be surprised that it's supposed to snow all day tomorrow in Boston. Nevertheless, after running in near 60 degree weather last night, it's hard to accept that Old Man Winter is again rearing his ugly head. That sentiment inspired today's haikus. Hopefully you enjoy them more than I'm enjoying the weather.

I hope it's not this bad on Sunday. Source:
Melted ice and snow
Reveal four hundred meters

Tights are packed away
Shorts and tees at the ready
Spring weather is here

False alarm it seems
Cold is back with wind and sleet
I'm so over this


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