Friday, January 27, 2012

A recovery run, or my favorite Harlem route.

Here we are at the end of another work week. After doing 30 miles in three days (which will seem like nothing once I hit 70 mpw but seems like a lot now that I've been doing 40 mpw), I was ready for a recovery run today. Given the forecast, I was prepared to do the run on the TM at the gym, but thankfully, I woke up to mist instead of rain. With temps in the mid-40s, it was downright pleasant out.

I have a route I do for recovery runs that's mostly flat. I'd say about 80% of runs involve Central Park but when you live on the north end, you can't enter the park without tackling the Harlem Hills. I didn't want to do that today so I stuck to my flatter recovery route. It takes me through Morningside Park, along St. Nicholas Park, through central Harlem and back along 5th and later along Lenox.

I love this run though because of all the stoplights I don't do it often. It's great to see Harlem in the pre-dawn hours. Each time I pick different side streets and notice new buildings. For those who haven't spent much time in Harlem, it has some of the best residential architecture in the city. With rows of preserved brownstones and dozens of churches in all manner of styles, it's a real visual treat. On days like today, I feel privileged to live in such a great neighborhood.

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