Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wind and sun, or an impromptu long run.

I had a 15 mile long run scheduled for this weekend. With the weather sunny and (relatively) warm, I decided yesterday was the perfect day for it. Often times I map my long runs out before hand but yesterday I opted to improvise.

I set out heading south along the East River Esplanade. There were plenty of folks out taking advantage of the weather (and the reopened path). I went over the Queensboro Bridge and circled back to Vernon Ave along the waterfront. I always enjoy running through Hunter's Point but I'm always tempted to stop for a bite to eat and a cup of coffee--one of my favorite coffee shops in the city is here (Sweetleaf).

I headed over the Pulaski Bridge (which still has the 13.1 and 13 mile marks from the marathon painted on it) into Greenpoint. I like running along the more industrial West St instead of along Franklin or Manhattan which are both busier commercial strips.

I continued on Kent along the Williamsburg waterfront eventually making it to the Brooklyn Navy Yard. If you've never been to the Navy Yard before, it's home to one of the eeriest and most fascinating set of buildings, Admiral's Row. Unfortunately, the city is going to begin demolition of these buildings tomorrow so you may be out of time.

After stopping to gaze at the soon to-be razed buildings, I continued into Vinegar Hill and made my way to Brooklyn Bridge Park. Then I continued on to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade (technically it's an esplanade!). At this point I knew I had done at least 15 miles, probably more, but I didn't feel like stopping. I made my way to the Manhattan Bridge (always much less crowded than the Brooklyn Bridge) and crossed over on the northern path.

Once back in Manhattan I made my way down the Allen Street bike path to the East River Park. The city has been working on improving this park too and it's still a work in progress. I made my way to Battery Park and then turned north on Greenwich. I now had a destination--Whole Foods TriBeCa. My run took me past the work in progress at the World Trade Center site--it's truly inspiring to see up close! Finally I made it to Whole Foods, 20 miles done!

Here's the map:

After the run I met my roommate at Curly's Lunch on 14th Street. This vegan and vegetarian restaurant is a great post-run spot! I gorged on their vegetarian Philly "cheesesteak" and fries. All that greesy goodness made the run worthwhile (though it probably undid some of the run's beneficial effects.

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