Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Run

I'm out in Rockland County for Easter weekend which means I got to do my final double-digit run in less urban surroundings. Since today will be filled with friends, family, and food, I opted to get the run out of the way yesterday (though the weather was so perfect this morning I couldn't help but sneak in a quick 3 miles).

With 13 on tap yesterday, I mapped out a run on roads that looked runable (there aren't many sidewalks here) and hoped for the best. I was not disappointed! After a couple initial miles through the Village of Suffern, NY, I made my way across state lines into Ramapo County, NY.

Before long I began thinking, It smells like Central Park, why is that? I rounded a corner and the answer was clear--horse poop! Of course, I got to see the horses two. One horse, and three ponies (only two are in the picture) just enjoying some time in the field.

I continued along a winding road, hugging the shoulder and hoping no one would hit me. Although I missed one of the turns I had planned on taking, I didn't mind running a little further because the weather was perfect. When I finally made the turn I was in for a treat--a long climb up a winding road. I couldn't see the end because of the curves, but I figured this was a good final practice for the Newton Hills.

Eventually I found myself back in familiar territory as I entered the town of Ramsey, NJ. I had a final long climb and then the run evened out. With a couple miles to go, two wild turkeys ran across the road. I tried to snap their picture but they were faster than me. Oh well, I guess that's how they made it through Thanksgiving.

I finally crossed back into New York and picked up the pace for the final stretch. The whole run felt restorative. Not all of it was particularly rural, but the whole time I felt like there was nothing between me, the sky, and the various animals I saw along the way (thankfully there was a fence between me and the dog that went crazy around mile 4!).

I'm now ready for my final week of the taper, but first, time for some Easter brunch!
Yesterday's Run: 13.6 miles at 7:30 pace.
Today's Run: 3.7 miles at 7:35 pace.

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  1. happy easter! i did 10 today and it felt great. my legs are finally reaping the benefits of 2 weeks of reduced mileage :)

    1 week to go!