Monday, April 30, 2012

A Low Key Weekend of Running

This weekend we had two beautiful days in New York with lots of sunshine and seasonal temps. I still haven't returned to long runs yet (next weekend?) but I did manage to get out and enjoy the weather. On Saturday I woke up early to get in a quick easy run around Harlem and Morningside Heights before heading out to Brooklyn.

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Continuing my volunteer kick, I signed up to volunteer at the Verrazano Half Marathon, put on by the folks at Somehow, I slipped through the cracks and as of Saturday I hadn't heard back from them but since I had a friend running I figured I would show up and see what happened. Sure enough, the organizers were only too happy to have another hand. I had a blast! I helped with baggage check, setting up the post-race food, and most important I cheered runners on at the turnaround point. I love these small local races because everyone seems to know everyone and the folks are all friendly. There's nothing fancy about these kind of events, they're just running for the sake of running. Still, they're well-organized and you can't beat the real Brooklyn bagels that have at the end.Of course, what really made the morning fun was a post-race visit to Spumoni Gardens for some of their famous Sicilian slices.

Sunday, I got a late start after a bit too much wine Saturday night (oops!) but I didn't let that stop me from getting in a run along the East River Esplanade. After the run, I picked up a bagel from Bagel Mill and ate in Carl Shurz Park, one of my favorite spots in Manhattan. It wasn't a super exciting weekend but it was a nice break from an intense training schedule. Now, however, it's time to get back on that training bandwagon since it's only three short weeks until the Brooklyn Half.


  1. i think i'll return to long runs after broad street this weekend. i miss them!

    1. I know! This shorter runs are over before I feel like I've gotten anywhere. Good luck at Broad Street.