Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Two Great Runs

Now that I'm not in marathon training mode anymore I also have more flexibility with my schedule so this week I've been trying to get in [easy] runs with other folks.

Last night there was a run from the Upper West Side Jack Rabbit Sports hosted by Baker (of Beyond Defeat), Erica (of Erica Miss America), Abbe (of the Lewis Report), and one of the folks from the owner of Zensah. I always love meeting new runners and it didn't hurt that there were giveaways too. I scored some new Zensah compression sleeves. Zeeve, their repowner, called them Carolina blue, but I'm calling it Columbia blue. (Maybe I'll post a review in the future). Anyway, the run was a nice four miler around Central Park and I got to chat it up with some new acquaintances. Hopefully they'll put together another one of these runs soon. I'm especially looking forward to one of Claire's infamous beer runs.

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This morning I met up with some Whippets for an early morning run in Central Park (can't tell you the last time I ran in the park two days in a row was). They meet every Wednesday morning at 6am and yet somehow I've never made it this group run. There were only four of us so we got to stray from Park Drive (always a plus), doing a loop of Harlem Meer, running through the North Woods, and along the bridle path. It was one of those mornings that reminded me why spring is my favorite season: the sun was out, the trees were green, the flowers in bloom, and the air crisp. It was definitely a perfect start to the day.

Now I just have to try and get some work done while I wait for the results of the New York City Marathon lottery drawing at noon!
Yesterday's Run: 4.7 miles at 7:58 pace
Today's Run: 9 miles at 8:08 pace.


  1. Great to meet you last night, and I'll definitely get you on the beer run email list! - Claire

  2. Great to meet you and yes, it was a fun run! Zeev is actually the owner of Zensah!

    1. I didn't realize he was the owner! Thanks, I updated the post.