Thursday, July 19, 2012

Surprise: I'm In!!!

Okay folks, I've been keeping this under wraps, but if you look to the right of your screen (unless you're viewing this on mobile, in which case, stay put), you may have notices a change in the "upcoming races" section. That's right: Chicago is out and New York is in!!!

Alright, a quick explanation. If you remember, gentle reader, back in April I was not chosen in the NYC lottery. I had signed up for Chicago and figured that was that. Well, I found out recently that I might be able to secure a spot and started weighing the reasons for picking one over the other:

New York
Very flat course
Not so flat course (hello bridges!)
Free post-race beer(s)
Are you kiddin’ me?!?
75% of being HOT
50% chance of being warm
Get there by plane
Get there by subway
Have to stay in a hotel
Get to sleep in own bed
Friends running
Teammates running
1.5 million spectators
2 million spectators
Strangers cheering
Friends cheering
Hop on a plane after the race
Walk home after the race

Okay, so maybe I stacked that deck a little, but the point is, in my heart I obviously wanted to run New York. It'll be great training with the same folks I'm going to run with. And, even though New York is a tougher course to master, I think running with teammates may help be get a little extra speed out of my legs to make up for it.


  1. i don't blame you...i would do NYCM too if i could walk home afterwards!