Friday, October 19, 2012

A Different Kind of Friday Poetry

Friday has rolled around and once again the mood feels right for some poetry. While I love haikus, I figured I would switch things up a bit today with some limericks. Don't worry, there's no one from Nantucket in these so they're (relatively) clean.

A Difficult Double Life

There once was an amateur jogger,

Who dabbled a bit as a blogger,
But the blogging was tiring,
The jogging perspiring,
So he gave up both tasks and drank lager

A Marathon World Record

There once was a race with a urinal trough
That set a world record with the length of its slop
But the stench and the sight
Gave some runners a fright
So this world wonder eight, it was stopped*

P.S. Sorry about the formatting on the poems. For some reason I couldn't get it quite right.
*Starting in 1998, NYYR began set up a 290-foot open trough "urinal" near the marathon starting line at Ft Wardsworth. According to the New York Times, "race organizers always thought the trough was a tad disgusting," so around 2006 the discontinued the practice, replacing this world record breaker with a string of porta-potties.

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  1. Ewwwww about that trough, GROSS!!!! How could that continue until 2006??!?! Love the limericks though :)