Friday, October 5, 2012

Random Friday Post: More (Bad) Poetry!!!

On Wednesday solo long run I had plenty of time to let my mind wander. Sometimes I think about concrete things like work, weekend plans, or breakfast. Other times I get a snippet of a song stuck in my head--I don't listen to music on my runs, but somehow this still happens--and I end up repeating a line or two over and over. And then, on occasion, I have completely random thoughts and before I know I'm dreaming up stuff like these poems.

What Happens Every Time I'm on the Starting Line
Five minutes to go
Now I really have to pee
I thought I just went

What Happens After Every Race
That race really sucked
My entire body in pain
Just signed up again

A Tediously Brief Ode to the Foam Roller

You bring great comfort to my limbs,
    Which ache from workouts on the track,
Faithfully waiting at the gym,
    Resting gently, upon the rack
        Others use but do not own
        You're there for me, and me alone

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