Monday, October 22, 2012

The Blue Line Run, Improvised

This weekend was all about running for me. Saturday I did the Sleepy Hollow 10k (expect a race report with some great photos in the next day or so) and Sunday was Front Runners' Blue Line Run. Front Runners has been putting on the Blue Line Run for some time now, but this was the first year that it was a full partnership with my team, the Dashing Whippets, and North Brooklyn Runners.

The Front Runners coach telling us to "Be cute!"
What is the Blue Line Run, you ask? Basically, it's a supported long run on the final 20 miles of the marathon course. Folks from each of the three teams volunteered to staff aid stations along the way, operate cars as mobile bag checks, and serve as bike marshals. I was incredibly impressed with the organization and planning that went into this--with over 200 participants it was a lot of work!

Anyway, the run was great, but in Williamsburg someone told us the pedestrian path on the Queensboro was closed* so we doubled back over the Williamsburg Bridge and took 1st Avenue all the way up to rejoin the course at 59th Street. It was a valuable reminder that no matter how well your advance planning, you really do need to be ready for anything come race day.

Because of the extra miles we ran doubling back into Manhattan we also skipped the Bronx part of the course--in other words, our 4 borough tour was cut in half. Still, I got in 17 miles, had a lot of run running with teammates and some new runner friends, and got to enjoy a beautiful Sunday. I have no complaints and I'm really getting excited for November 4.


* Throughout the rest of the day I heard conflicting stories so for all I know the bridge was open, but with the 7 train not running into Manhattan, there's no way I was going to test this.

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  1. a supported long run?! that's awesome. sadly, we don't have them in philly. i'm really jealous of all the extras NYC has for runners - you guys are really lucky!