Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Post-Boston Post: Me and the Media

It's now been almost 48hrs since the 119th Boston Marathon, though my legs still feel like it was yesterday. You've probably never seen a more pathetic sight than me hobbling down the subway stairs this morning to catch the Lexington Ave Express unless you saw me limping from the finish on Monday. Anyway, I'm still working on my race report so in the interim I thought I would share a couple shout-outs I got in the media.

While waiting with some teammates in the Athlete's Village I was approached by a reporter from the AP--never one to shy from extra attention, I happily agreed to speak with her. I've excerpted my brief moment in the spotlight:

8:50 a.m.:

Rain has started falling at the Boston Marathon starting line, and forecasters warn that it will be a soggy race for the 30,000 runners and 1 million spectators.

David Parkinson of New York City is running his sixth consecutive Boston. The 29-year-old was sheltering under a tent, sitting on trash bags and swaddled in blankets to keep warm.

Since this was an AP piece, it made its way into papers across the country which is pretty awesome! You can view the whole piece as it appeared in the New York Times here.

Shortly after speaking with the reporter from the AP, I saw Mark Remy of Runners World standing nearby. I shouted, "Hey, Mark Remy!" That got his attention and he interview me too. Unfortunately the best part of our exchange, a discussion of bathroom visits, didn't make his column, but some of the other stuff did. To check out that piece, visit Remy's World here



  1. You're famous! Congrats and I can't wait to read the recap!