Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Haikus: National Poetry Month Edition

I was very close to skip my regularly scheduled haikus this week. Yes, they're fun to write and don't take that long to prepared, but it's hard coming up with new topics each time. I mean, how many haikus can you write about black toenails, runner trots, or winter weather? Then I learned that April is National Poetry Month--thanks Mark Remy!--and I thought, what kind of a poet would I be if I skipped the first Friday of National Poetry month? The answer to this non-rhetorical question: a bad one.

In order not to deprive you, the reader, of a fresh batch of haikus on this Good Friday first Friday of National Poetry Month, I wracked my brain and came up with some never-before covered topics. Given the solemnity of the date, I tried to keep them strictly highbrow. Please enjoy.

Our dog Ivy, the sock and shoe thief
Someone Needs a New Chew Toy

New compression socks
Pricey but necessary
Dog ate the old ones

Failure to Launch

Snot rocket mid-run
Launched into the air with haste
Fail! Lands on my shirt

A Special Marinade

God what is that smell
Running clothes forgotten for days
Stewed in a gym bag

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