Thursday, February 2, 2012

Beer Review! Cozy Sweater

Not every good run deserves a good beer, but certainly the occasional mediocre run does. After my Forest Park run this past weekend I was a bit chilled. When I got home, I decided the best way to warm up would be to open one of the bottles of suds I brought back with me from my last trip to Seattle.

Given the crisp weather, I opted to try Iron Horse Brewery's Cozy Sweater. This beer caught my attention because it's a vanilla milk stout. Every since I first tried Duck Rabbit's milk stout back in 2009, I've been hooked on the style. I'm also a huge fan of one of Iron Horse's regular brews, Quilter's Irish Death so I figured this one would be worth a try.

This beer pours very black with a light off-white head. The nose was dominated by coffee and chocolate more than vanilla but just looking at it, I had high hopes. Unfortunately, the taste didn't quite meet my expectations.

First of all, it had a very thin mouthfeel, not something I was expecting from such a dark milk stout. It had a nice roast malt taste but there wasn't much of a vanilla. It also had less of the sweetness that I would expect from the lactose. It was not a bad beer, but it also wasn't all that special. I'd love to try it on tap, but I won't be devoting any precious cargo space to another bottle next time I visit Seattle.

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