Friday, March 23, 2012

A Friday Field Trip: Boston

Today after work I'll be heading to Penn Station for a little field trip to Boston. A few weeks ago I heard that one of the local running clubs had planned a weekend trip to Boston to do their long run on the marathon course. This little factoid set the wheels in my head turning. You mean, you can go to Boston on a normal weekend? The trains run year round? Not just for Patriot's Day? I was as shocked as you undoubtedly are.

Since I booked far enough in advance, I was able to get a "cheap" ticket for the train which is so much more relaxing than the bus. I'll be arriving this evening and staying with the cousin of a runner friend (I just love the way I always meet new people through running!). Tomorrow, I will wake up early, take the commuter rail out of the city and run back into town. Then it'll be time to shower, repack, and head back to New York.

Wish me and my Achilles luck!

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  1. you are so lucky! make sure to report back all the details (especially the hills)! good luck!