Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Return of Old Man Winter!

Later this week the weatherman is calling for high temps in the 60s! With a forecast like that it's easy to forget that it's still technically winter. Well, it was easy to forget until today--this morning I woke up to a 21 degree windchill. Ugh.

As I've posted before, the whole east coast has been extremely luck this winter. With the warmest February on record here in the city, I never had to break out my insulated running tights or my heavy running tops and I think I ran with a hat once. Last winter, it seems like every run I did involved frozen toes and I probably doubled my collection of cold-weather running gear.

I can't really complain about a few isolated days of cold, but today did make me realize how much I'm looking forward to spring (and to a lesser extent, summer). I can't wait for the extra hours of sunlight and runs where I never need more than shorts and a t-shirt. Spring begins on March 20, exactly two weeks from today so here's hoping today was Old Man Winter's last hurrah as he prepares to go into hibernation for another year.

By the way, I'm still working on that race report and hope to have it finished tonight or tomorrow.

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  1. it was freezing this morning. of course, i grumbled and complained but then remembered LAST winter. i shut up pretty quickly.