Monday, March 26, 2012

What Recovery Run?

The day after a long run I usually like to do a recovery run. I know many people take a rest day after a long run, but for me, getting a recovery run done the day after feels better. With this in mind I decided to meet up with Dashing Whippets folks for my run yesterday. On Sundays the group meets at Grand Army Plaza. It's a bit of a trek, but it's always nice to run with other people and to get a change of scenery.

There were two groups yesterday--the group doing a recovery run of about 3 miles at a 9 minute pace, and the group doing a long run at around 7:30 pace. Three miles sounded too short and 9 minute pace sounded too slow so naturally I went with the long run group. Initially the run felt tough but doable. I asked one of the guys with a Garmin for our pace and he said 6:50! We slowed it down later but I felt pretty good for being able to keep up the day after my Boston 21.

The run yesterday followed part of the new Brooklyn Half course before heading down to the Brooklyn Heights waterfront. I stuck with the group until we crossed the Brooklyn Bridge. With 10 miles under my belt I called it a day and hopped on the subway back uptown (convenient because the ride to Harlem is much shorter from Chambers St than from Grand Army Plaza!).

It may not have been the best call for me to have pushed the pace yesterday but it did give me a nice confidence boost. If I could maintain a good clip on tired legs for 10 miles, hopefully marathon pace on race day shouldn't be so bad--at least not until Newton.
Yesterday's Run:
10.1 miles at 7:26 pace. 

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