Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ouch! Achilles Pain

We interrupt this regularly scheduled training schedule to bring you some Achilles pain. Last week I started feeling some pain in my Achilles tendon after a run in my new shoes. I figured it was just due to the fact that I was used to the new kicks so I sort of ignored it at first. Unfortunately, after Saturday's long run it flared up again.

I've been really lucky with injuries so far in my running career--other than a twisted ankle I've never had anything that kept me from running for more than a day or two. Part of the reason why is, I try and listen to my body. A lot of problems go away if you respond quickly enough. I'm hoping my Saturday long run didn't screw things up too badly. To be safe I've taken a few days off and have been taking ibuprofen and icing my ankle area.

Anyone who's a serious runner knows how hard it can be to take time off for any reason, but it's much better to take a few days off early on to contain a problem than it is to let the problem get of control, forcing you to take a much longer time off down the line.

I'm starting to reevaluate Boston. I still have every intention of running, but I'm prepared to take it easy if that's what my body needs. I want a good summer of training and racing and I'm not willing to sacrifice that for a few extra miles this week. With any luck, the strong base I've laid will see me through and my recovery will be speedy, but if not, I'm trying to make the mental preparations now.


  1. You are doing the right thing! Even though it is so hard. I also have never had any major injuries but I never run through pain and will take a few days of rest to nip it in the bud. You trained hard and that won't just disappear.

  2. I trust that mishap didn’t keep you from running afterwards. You did the right thing when you decided to take things easily after the injury. You don’t want to make things worse by pushing that injured foot. Anyway, good luck to your upcoming race. Here’s to more years of running!

    Mary Elaine Buenconsejo @ I-OM PT