Friday, March 16, 2012

Random Friday Post: HOYA SAXA!

I used to run by this sign almost every day so this post is running related.
I have a confession to make: I bleed Hoya Blue. If I trip during a run and skin my knee? Hoya Blue. If I cut myself shaving? Hoya Blue. Okay, so this is metaphorical Hoya Blue, but still, the point is, I love my Hoyas. I was thrilled when the Women's Cross Country team took home the NCAA championship this year since "back in the day" I had some good friends on the team, but we know what really matters at Georgetown: basketball.

After a disappointing performance in the Big East Tournament, the Hoyas take on Belmont today at 3:10 pm. I, unfortunately, will be stuck at work, but I'll be rooting for the Hoyas from my desk. It seems like everyone, even the New York Times, is predicting an upset, but I'm hoping the Hoyas can hold out and make it to the Third Round so I can watch them this weekend. Georgetown's strength seems to be it's defense whereas Belmont is known for the offense. If nothing else, it should be a good game for those who can watch.
Today's run: 10.2 miles at a 7:39 pace. 
Only 31 days until Boston!


  1. i went to georgetown for grad school so i will be cheering them on as well (temple too! i went to st. joe's undergrad and they are our friendly rivals). luckily, i'm working from home so i can watch it on TV :)

  2. Watch it on your iPhone! The March Madness app is $4 (Annoying, but worth it). Go Hoyas!